Can it really be a year already since the world turned upside down?? In many ways it seems longer, but at the same time it also seems like it was just a few months ago that we all first heard about this thing called “Coronavirus” that we thought would keep us “locked down” for maybe a few weeks at the most. Little did we know that we were just at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic that would last far longer than any of us could have imagined at the time. I hope that you and your loved ones have stayed well and have weathered the storm as well as possible.

Our world has changed in so many ways over the past year – and some of them are likely here to stay. Virtual Dispute Resolution is one of them. For some, it will be used as an alternative to in-person ADR when the locations of the parties or other challenges make it difficult or impossible to get everyone in the same physical place at the same time. For others, Virtual Dispute Resolution will be the go-to process of choice because of the many advantages it offers. Either way, I remain dedicated to providing the best possible ADR services in the format that best suits the parties’ needs.